Woodland Soccer Club

Annual U-06 to U-09 Clinic for New Coaches

Woodland Soccer runs a workshop for our beginning coaches just before the start of the Fall season. This is used to ease the new coaches into the role of coaching. Many new coaches are new to soccer or have played soccer in high school or college. Coaching methods have changed slightly in the past 20 years. This is an introduction to the style of coaching we recommend for Woodland Soccer. This is a truly participatory event and is a great way to get ready for the coming Fall season. Woodland Soccer has always prided itself on the quality of the coaching we provide and the level to which we support our coaches.

Why You'll Want To Attend
While WSC coaches are not required to attend the annual U-06 to U-08 Coaching Clinic, it is strongly advised that all new coaches attend. No RSVP is required. Each year, about 25 coaches attend this clinic.

This is a cost-free clinic open to both head coaches and their assistants. Especially for new coaches, the clinic provides skills and insights into making your coaching experience a rewarding one.

Learn how to plan a practice session so that your players stay engaged and focused on learning the game while having fun. The Coaching Clinic is a hands-on course that teaches you specific small-sided games that your kids will love. You will also receive a coaching manual and other takeaway materials.

Investing in a few hours in a practical youth soccer coaching clinic will reap dividends for you and your team all season long.

This workshop targets three key areas to help you enjoy your role as a coach:

  1. Soccer Skills - Good technical skills are the foundation of the game. If you have never played or wonder how the heck you do bend it like Beckham this workshop will show you how!
  2. Teaching Methods - The workshop will introduce a teaching method modeled on that developed by the United States Soccer Federation for use in its Coach Licensing program (see attached synthesis - Basic Concepts for Coaches)
  3. Survival! - Many of our best coaches leave because they feel frustrated with the experience. I will share some basic guidelines for enjoying yourself and dealing with some common parent and player interactions (see 'Childhood to Champion' attached -still the seminal mantra on youth athletes)