Woodland Soccer Club

Reimbursement Policy

The club will reimburse Woodland Coaches for certain expenses arising from education and training. Training that is sponsored or sanctioned by SYSA or WSYSA for D license level training and below is eligible.

A Woodland Coach is a person who is currently registered as a coach for a team whose players register with Woodland Soccer Club.

When requesting reimbursement please include the WSC Reimbursement form.

Reimbursement will be paid upon the President or Treasurer receiving proof of payment for the training (receipt, copy of cashed check, etc...) along with a note or e-mail that includes a brief description of what the training was, who sponsored it, and when it was held.. This is required, as the club needs to account for club funds used for this purpose.

If there is a question about whether a particular training is covered, please ask the President or Treasurer IN ADVANCE.

Woodland Soccer Club will follow all guidance on coaching requirements set forth by SYSA and WSYSA.

Please use a WSC Reimbursement Form to request your reimbursement.