Woodland Soccer Club

Coach Registration

Coaches, including assistant coaches and team managers, need to register through the Affinity website.

Many coaches are parents of players. During the player registration process, parents may inform us that they are interested in coaching. You must still complete your coach registration.

Coaches must complete a 2 step registration process. This applies for all head coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers. Complete the Coach/Volunteer registration through the Affinity website. Then complete a background check for Washington Youth Soccer through the Affinity website. The first registration will allow Woodland soccer registrars to add you to the Bonzi roster as a coach. The second registration is the risk management (RMA) clearance required by Washington Youth Soccer for all volunteers. RMA is renewed annually, and should be done prior to the seasonal soccer year.

Bonzi and Affinity are separate registrations. Your username and password are not necessarily the same for each registration. If you have questions on your username, please contact the respective vendor help desk:

  • Affinity -- 1-888-213-3999
  • Bonzi -- 1-866-726-4131

If you do not intend to return to coaching, please inform the Head Registrar.