Woodland Soccer Club

Volunteer Positions

The following volunteer positions are now open and the club needs your help in filling these roles. The time commitment varies from position-to-position. The length of term is generally two years.

Volunteer Coordinator

Keep the Club's 2000 committed parents informed about volunteer opportunities, both for specific positions and recruiting groups of parents for work parties. Though you're welcome to twist the arms of your friends, we've found that simply emailing our awesome group of soccer parents is all that is needed. This position takes about an hour each month, with a little more to organize the fall work parties.


Join our registrar team, using fabulous Bonzi software to assist parents with registration and assemble teams. About 30 hours total, June through early September. As our thanks for handling this key function, please accept WSC registration free of charge for one of your kids!

Practice Field Scheduler

The Practice Field Scheduler is in charge of assigning practice days/times and fields to each Woodland Soccer Club team for the fall season. This job is ~40 FLEXIBLE hours which can be done from your computer during July and August. Requires knowledge of Excel.

Board Member

Being on the Woodland Board is rewarding since you get to help run the entire club. There is a tremendous amount of work that is required to organize soccer games for the 1,200 Woodland kids and their families every fall. Come to a Board Meeting and find how you can help.

Field Striper

The Field Stripers line the fields each week before the weekend games. This is an important role and requires about 1-2 hrs per week to complete the Green Lake or Wallingford fields. This role can be divided between several volunteers and does not require a truck.

Green Lake Field Setup/Takedown Coordinator

The field coordinator arranges setup and takedown responsibilities for the Green Lake fields. This person makes a schedule of which teams do this work during the season. During the season, send out email reminders and instructions to the teams who have that responsibilities that weekend. About 10 hours total, September through early November.


Woodland Soccer is looking for middle- & high-school kids interested in ref'ing our U9 games. Referees are paid per game. More information is located on the WSC Mod Referee Program website.

Also, Recreational teams (U12-U19) are requested to provide a referee to the SSRA referee pool. Level of commitment is dependent upon one's goals and availability. Referees are paid per game, and WSC reimburses the cost of the Seattle Soccer Referee Association course fee. Many schools provide community service credit for refereeing youth soccer games.

Check out the referee web sites: