Woodland Soccer Club

Uniform & Equipment Management

Supplied Uniforms & Equipment

Coaches are provided with enough jerseys and new black socks to outfit their entire team. Players are expected to provide their own shorts (preferably black, or a dark color). The jerseys should be collected at the end of each season, while the can be kept by the players.

Coaches are provided with a set of appropriately sized balls, along with a mesh bag to carry them. Cones/discs and pinnies will also be made available in limited quantities.
Other training items, such as flags & portable goals are not provided'
Items such as clipboards, whistles or portable dry erase boards are also not provided

Customized Uniforms & Training Gear

WSC has coordinated with the other clubs in the SYSA to ensure each club has a unique primary color for jerseys: WSC is orange. As part of this arrangement, all clubs have agreed to include the SYSA logo as well as their club logo as a way to show unity across the clubs. While the club would strongly prefer that you use the uniforms that are supplied, if your team decides to make a custom unfirm, then we request that the primary color is orange and that it include both the WSC and SYSA logo as part of the design.

Feel free to let your creativity run wild if you decide to pursue any other training or supporter gear (t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, etc.), although we do ask that it is in keeping with the WSC mission and that it is respectful to other clubs.

Opposing Team Jerseys & WSC Away Colors

in some cases, opponent teams from other clubs may have jersey's that do not conform to their club's primary color scheme, and as a result they may conflict with the WSC jersey. For this reason we suggest WSC coaches contact the coach of the opposing team prior to games to confirm their team's jersey colors

White is the alternate away color for WSC jersey when it is necessary, however this should only be the case when playing other WSC teams (this is why Mod teams have reversable jerseys). If you do not have reversable jerseys and haven't arranged in advance to ask your players to wear white shirts, one of the two teams will need to wear pinnies (if available)


At the end of the season, we request that the coaches collect all jerseys from their player and act based on one the following scenario:

Coach(es) not planning to return next fall season

Return all jerseys & balls to the club at the end of the current season.

Coach(es) planning to return next fall season

Store all jerseys & balls until next season, unless one of the following applies:

  • U-08 Teams: Return all jerseys & #3 balls to the club (larger jerseys & #4 balls will be provided for U-09 teams).
  • U-10 Teams: Return all jerseys to the club (larger jerseys are provided for U-11 teams).
  • U-12 Teams: Return all jerseys & #4 balls to the club (larger jerseys & #5 balls will be provided for U-13 teams).

By time of the WSC Coaches' Meeting in August, you will know what additional jerseys and equipment you will need. At that time, you can contact us to request more jerseys or equipment


Contact the Uniform Coordinator for information on the time/location where equipment can be returned. Please ensure all jerseys are clean (washed) before they are returned.