Woodland Soccer Club


Teams from U-08 to U19 are placed in divisions to separate the stronger and weaker teams. The intention is to keep the competition appropriate for each team. In general, each age group has three divisions: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. How are teams placed into the different divisions?

Placement is different between U-08 & U-09 and U10 to U19. The "Mod" teams (U-08 & U-09) only have two divisions for each age group: Silver and Gold. The coach selects the division for the team.

Concerning the SYSA "Rec" teams (U10 to U19), team placement is done at the SYSA "All City Registrars" meeting. This meeting is held mid-July each year. Preceding this meeting, the club's Registrars ask each of the coaches to make a suggestion for the team. The coach takes into account their previous record, the previous tournament results, and the expectations of the team returning (probably without their Select players). With this information, the coach makes the decision for the team. The WSC Head Registrar then takes the decisions from each of the teams to the All City Registrars meeting.

The divisions are generated at this mid-July meeting. The SYSA schedulers constructs and balances the divisions live at the meeting. She gathers the info from the different clubs and builds the divisions. Once the rough cut is made, the group steps back and evalutes the balance of teams and competition. Sometimes it is benefical to move a team up or down a division. The group looks at the previous records and makes the decision.

This is how team placement is accomplished. In general, the coach decides the division for the team. But, the fine tuning is done by the registrars and schedulers.