Woodland Soccer Club

Logo, Color & Image Guidelines
The colors and logos in this guide have been carefully developed to establish and solidify the unique brand identity of the Woodland Soccer Club and the identity of its programs and events. Your adherence with the consistent application and usage of these colors and logos will continue to build a strong, unique and consistent brand.


Consistency in color usage is critical for the brand. The Woodland Soccer Club wishes to establish a vibrant image that captures the excitement of youth soccer in our neighborhood.

Color Name
& Swatch
Meaning Pantone CMYK RGB HEX
Orange Historical WSC Color
2012C 0,40,100,0 255,153,0 FF9900
Green Neighborhood Forests, Pasrks & Soccer Pitch 2272C 100,0,100,40 0,153,0 009900

Supporting Typefaces

The ideal font is Tentieth century MT, although Helvetica and Arial are universal, available and acceptable when that is not available. Many variations are available such as condensed, light and bold. Whenever possible, WSC asks that these typefaces be used.


This logo is the essence and the identity of WSC. This logo is to be used whenever and wherever possible/viable in orange, green, black & white colors.

Ink/Theme Colors Background Image Files
Shades White Light Dark EPS PDF SVG PNG
Orange, Green,
Black & White

SVG - Scaleable Vector Graphic - XML-based vector* image format, open industry standard and source alternative to Adobe Illustrator (AI) format.
EPS - Encapsulated Postscript - Vector* image interchange format used extnsively in the print industry.
PDF - Portable Document Format - General purpose platform-independent document format often used for printing. Graphics are stored as vector* images.
PNG - Portable Network Graphic - Lossless raster** image formats widely supported by web browsers and image viewers/editors. Loses fidelity/quality when resized.
*Vector - An image format type that allows image scale to be resized without losing image quality.
**Raster - An image format that stores graphics as a pixel-by-pixel representation.