Woodland Soccer Club

Practice Overview

NOTE: Information below is for Fall 2017 Season and is subject to change.


Our club is part of the Western Division of SYSA and we share practice fields with Ballard, Queen Anne, Magnolia and Seattle United. The field allocation is based on available field times provide from Parks to SYSA, then SYSA to the individual clubs. Demand by our 5 western region clubs far outstrips the reasonable supply, making for a very tight situation. As coaches we all need to work together to use this limited resource in a way that is cordial and not stressful for coaches and kids. No question … this can be hard. We will make sure that we get a reasonable distribution of time for everyone but know that for many it will be a compromise from what they would choose if we had unlimited filed space and time. For your fall practice times you will make a "request for field time" with three options (1st, 2nd & 3rd) and the club will then "Allocate" the time to each team" based on what is best for everyone.

Early sign up ends when we have the majority of the teams signed up
(no later than August 21st)
Practice field space allocation
will be posted by August 24th
If you don't register by August 21st, you will be assigned a time that is remaining after the initial allocation has been met


Our objective is for all teams to have two time slots a week to practice if they choose to. While teams will be arriving early and leaving late, the important consideration is to make sure that your team is on the field practicing promptly during their time slot, and respectful of other teams before and after.

Shared Goals: Coaches sharing a time slot need to coordinate together for a shared amount of goal time. If three team share a 1 hour time slot, then they each need to get 20 minutes of goal time. This is up to the coaches on the field to coordinate. On Lower Woodland 2 and 7 this means coordinating with teams from other clubs in some cases. We will try again to get access to the sideline goals for Lower Woodland 2 so that can have 3 goals available at the same time and make this situation more optimal. These goals are locked up before and after our clubs practice field allocation and it will be up to the coaches to contact me regarding combination code access and make sure that the next team using them puts them away when they are done.

With the loss of Wallingford Playfield as a practice area for 2016 season due to field renovation, teams will be sharing smaller areas within each playfield. To make up for this, the club will loan/provide U6 -U9 teams, as needed, with soft goals to give them more flexibility in setting up practice areas and drills.


Priority of field assignment is given to the following teams, in no particular order.

  • Your coach/parent has an assigned volunteer position with the club
  • The coach coaches two teams and needs support to manage their time or possible combining of their two teams on the same field simultaneously or 1 after another.
  • You coordinate with a sister team or brother team of your same age group to practice with in order to facilitate inter team practice and scrimmages during practice time. There is a huge benefit to this in terms of carpooling, sharing ideas, interaction for the younger kids and facilitating team consolidation as the younger teams get bigger rosters and must consolidate to jump to the U11, U12 roster sizes.

Summer Practice NO SIGNUP NEEDED

Look at the August practice calendar. Fields are assigned by age group. No sign up required. Just show up, share and have fun. It is NOT "first come first served". Everyone needs to share field space and goal time. NOTE: Woodland Soccer Club has been assigned the ENTIRE field for these times in August, so there may be other groups enjoying the park as they have in the summer, but the field is reserved for our clubs sole use. Be kind … but assertive.

Fall Practice

Practices start Monday August 29th.
Sign ups are complete and preliminary field assignments have been made. Assume that you will have the assigned practice slot(s) listed. If there is a change, we will update the sheet and notify impacted coaches. If you cannot practice during your assigned time, please send us an email at practicefield@woodlandsoccer.org. We will do our best to accomodate your requests for change.

You are welcome to email us regarding your specific needs for coaching times and fields.
We will do our best to allocate in a way that is most functional for all of the teams.

Fields with No Lights

As we progress through the season, the daylight hours diminish. If your team chooses at 6 pm slot, there is 90 minutes of daylight at the beginning of the practice season and then barely any by the end of the season. We recommend that you plan your practice effort accordingly. Starting October 1st, practice times on unlit fields will change to 5:00 - 5:45, and 5:45 - 6:30


We did not get assigned field space on Labor Day. I don't believe this is because there are other activities, I understand that Parks is providing open access to whomever wants to use the field on labor day. If you choose to practice, just make sure that you realize that our club does not have reserved access for your use, so you just need to share with others.

In some cases there are exceptions to the time slots that we get from SYSA on the Lower Woodland Fields. In this case, when there is an exception in time, your team can come earlier or later as the situation and share the field with the earlier clubs, just make sure that all the coaches understand that there will be more sharing needed on these dates

In some cases the field time ends earlier than the end of the playing season. If that's the case and your team is still planning then we will assign you some time on another field at that juncture.

Professional Training

We have lined up UK Elite and Seattle United to provide training for U8, U9, and U10 teams. They will provide teams with one training session per week for the four weeks starting the week of September 12. This will serve as one of the two weekly practice slots for these teams, who will continue to use same time slot after the training. UK Elite will provide training for U8/U9 teams at Greenlake Playfield on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Seattle United training for U9/U10 teams will be at Lower Woodland #2 on Tuesday.

Tournament Practice

We do not have allocated field time during the tournament in December. SYSA however does allocate some practice field times for the use of all teams participating in the tournament, during the tournament, but not before. We will publish those when they become available at the start of the tournament.