Woodland Soccer Club

Officiating Contacts
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    For Coaches and Parents!

    As an adult involved with youth athletes, you should recognize that you are teaching your players about every aspect of the game. You should model behavior towards game officials as one of sincere respect for the great sport you are playing and teaching others to play. A few more notes are mentioned on the Referees Respect webpage.

    Referee & Officiating Overview
    U-06 to U-08
    U-09 U-10 to U-19


    WSC ModReferee Seattle Soccer Referee
    Association (SSRA)

    U-07 to U-08

    Games are officiated by volunteers (usually parents, older sibblings or coaches.


    Home games are officiated by WSC-trained and managed "Mod" Referees (officiating for away games managed by the home club).

    U-10 to U-19

    Games are officiated by referees provided through the Seattle Soccer Referee Association (SSRA). The SYSA coordinates the scheduling of these referees.

    • U-10 to U-11 games are officiated by referees that are a minimumn of 11 years old; mentoring is provided.
    • U-12 to U-19 games require Grade 8 level certification which is assessed by the Washington State Referee Committee (WSRC).