Woodland Soccer Club

Rules, Leagues & Officiating Overview

Rules of Competition

U06 & U07 U08 & U09 U10 to U19

WSC Only Ballard, QA, LC & WSC City-wide
Intraclub Rules
of Competition
Interclub Rules
of Competition
SYSA Rules
of Competition
WYS Rules of Competition (2016/17)
USYS Policy on Players & Playing Rules (2016/17)
IFAB Laws of the Game (2016/17)

In general, FIFA Laws of the Game apply to all regular season games played by WSC teams, however some modifications have been made (at all age levels) in order to better support age-appropriate, recreation-level play.

Governance of Leagues

  • U06 & U07 games are only played against other WSC teams (intraclub). WSC manages the leagues and schedules.
  • U08 & U09 games are played against neighboring SYSA recreational club teams (Ballard, Queen Anne & Lake City) as well as other WSC teams. Every year a different club takes turns managing the leagues and schedules.
  • U10 to U19 games are played with all SYSA recreational club teams. SYSA manages the leagues and schedules.
  • U08 to U19 teams may be placed in Bronze, Silver or Gold divisions, the goal being to keep the competition appropriate to each team's overall skill level and to help wtih the game schedules of leagues with a large number of teams.


Games are officiated by parents/volunteers, referees trainined/provided by WSC or referees provided by the SSRA.