Woodland Soccer Club

Seattle United

Seattle United is SYSA's advanced development club, providing selected players access to premier competition and professional training: In addition to annual sping tryouts,Seattle United also offers player development programs and camps throughout the year that are open to recreational players.

Player Development Academy (PDA)

The most popular program offering, this seasonal 6-week program is only open to SYSA rec players (no Seattle United players accepted). The PDA is a program that is divided into Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring "sub-seasons". Each training session focuses on a specific topic to stimulate the technical and tactical development of each player. Overall, the PDA is a great program that provides players with professional coaching in a fun, competitive environment.

Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)

This program will help players build the skills, habits, mentality and technical foundation necessary to achieve a new level of soccer speed and control, as well as game day success and personal achievement. Speed has become the most desired skill in the game soccer. The good news about this developmental focus is the fact that speed is a skill that can be learned through technique training, repetition, fun and a systematic training program.

SYSA Rec Goalkeeper Academy

Coaches use an age specific training curriculum that consists of the Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical aspects of the game. All players that are ages U10-U15 are welcome to participate regardless of the club they currently play for or level. Players will be placed in age/level appropriate groups to challenge them and to achieve success.