Woodland Soccer Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some issues that are frequently asked by parents new to the the club. If you can't find the information that you are looking for, either elsewhere on the site or here in the FAQ, feel free to contact us.

What is MOD soccer?

Younger players (under 11) play MOD Soccer. MOD soccer calls for fewer players, playing on smaller fields. This allows the younger kids to get more touches on the ball, learn more skills, and have more FUN.Each team is made up of players of the same age and gender. MOD teams play other MOD teams from within WSC only. No scores or win-loss records are kept.To learn more about MOD soccer team size, field dimensions, etc., click here for a summary and click here for rules.

What is REC soccer?

Older players (above 10) play REC Soccer. REC soccer follows all of the rules of Seattle Youth Area Soccer, SYSA. These older kid teams play teams from across the city.

What is Select soccer?

As the name implies, Select soccer is available to players who seek a more competitive environment. Teams are formed at the U11 level and above on the basis of tryouts. Tryouts and team formation are administered by SYSA. Coaching is centered on the development of the key technical and tactical skills for playing soccer. Teams are formed on the basis of ability judged by the technical assessment during tryouts. One of the biggest challenges for developing gifted youth soccer players is that of providing consistent competitive games.

Players can try-out to be on a Select team. This involves try-outs to the Seattle-based select soccer program called Seattle United. Try-outs occur each year in April or May. Please see the info on the SYSA Select page or at the Seattle United page.

Can my child play on a specific team, or with a specific group of kids?

Requests of this kind may be made while registering your child for the upcoming season. Use the "Notes" section of the registration form to notify the registrars that a player would like to try and play with a friend or classmate.

It is often not possible to honor these requests. Teams are formed by registrars entirely at their own discretion, and intact teams are not accepted. Visit the Team Formation Policy section of our Registration section to learn more.

When will I hear which team my child is assigned to?

Team assignment for younger kids is often not completed until early August. Your coach will contact you in early-mid August. If you have not heard by then, please contact your registrar.

Who is the coach?

Coaches are parent or community volunteers. If you are interested in coaching please visit our COACHES section.

When will I hear about when and where practices are held?

Coaches will select practice times and spots in late August. Some new teams will try to hold a practice or two in August. Others will wait until school starts.

When and Where are the Games?

All U6-U7 teams play at Wallingford playfield on Saturdays through the Fall. The first game is on the Saturday following Labor Day. WSC provides all of the players with jerseys and black socks. The players need to provide their own shin guards, soccer shoes, and black shorts for themselves.

There are over 100 teams and roughly 1,100 kids playing soccer with WSC. Team assignment, practice field assignment, and game scheduling are all done by volunteers with the goal of maximizing the number of kids that can play soccer. Please consider this when making special requests to the club staff.

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at WSC. Please visit our VOLUNTEERS section to learn how you can do your part to help stage almost 1,000 soccer games this coming fall.